June 13, 2024


Lets Talk About Build Options

Ohana offers three tailored ADU build options to cater to different homeowner preferences and involvement levels. The DIY ADU Build is ideal for hands-on individuals who want to manage every aspect of their project, utilizing Ohana's advanced design and planning tools. The Owner-Manager Build suits those who prefer to oversee the project while leveraging Ohana's network of vetted contractors for construction, ensuring a blend of personal involvement and professional execution. The Full-Service Build provides a hassle-free solution, where the contractor handles everything from design to construction, coordinating with top-tier contractors to deliver a high-quality ADU with competitive pricing. Each option ensures a seamless and personalized ADU development experience, catering to the unique needs and preferences of every homeowner.

Embarking on an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) project offers a unique opportunity to enhance your property's value and functionality. Whether you're a hands-on individual keen on managing the project yourself, an owner-manager with a vision, or someone looking for a full-service solution, Ohana provides tailored pathways to bring your ADU project to fruition. Below, we outline the three distinct ADU build options offered through Ohana, each designed to cater to different homeowner needs and involvement levels.



The DIY ADU Build option is ideal for homeowners who wish to be intimately involved in every aspect of the construction process. This option leverages Ohana's advanced tools and resources, allowing you to design, customize, and manage your ADU project with a high degree of personal involvement.


  1. Design Selection: Choose from Ohana's diverse range of pre-designed ADU plans.
  2. Customization: Utilize the 3D configurator for real-time visualization and customization of your chosen design.
  3. AI Co-Pilot: Access expert advice and insights at every stage, from pre-construction to the building phase.
  4. Product Clipper: Personalize your ADU with real-world finishes and materials using the innovative Product Clipper tool.
  5. Buyer Dashboard: Manage your project, collaborate with your builder, and organize finishes all in one central hub.

Owner-Manager Build


The Owner-Manager Build option suits those who prefer to oversee the project while relying on professional expertise for the actual construction. This model involves direct collaboration with Ohana's network of vetted contractors to ensure your vision is realized with professional execution.


  1. Plan Selection and Customization: Start with a base plan and customize it using Ohana's tools.
  2. Contractor Collaboration: Engage with Ohana's network of vetted contractors, sharing your detailed design for implementation.
  3. Competitive Bidding: Benefit from competitive bids within Ohana's contractor network for the best pricing and quality.
  4. Project Oversight: Maintain an active role in project management, ensuring your ADU meets your exact specifications.
  5. Communication and Finalization: Use the Buyer Dashboard to stay updated and involved throughout the construction phase.

Full-Service Build


For those seeking a hassle-free experience, the Full-Service Build option offers a comprehensive solution. From design to construction, Ohana coordinates with a network of top-tier contractors, ensuring a seamless process and high-quality build, all within a competitive pricing structure.


  1. Design Finalization: Choose and customize your ADU design with Ohana's intuitive tools.
  2. Vetted Contractors: Ohana matches your project with suitable, high-quality contractors from its vetted network.
  3. Competitive Bidding Process: Receive competitive pricing through a transparent bidding process among selected contractors.
  4. Construction Oversight: Ohana oversees the project, ensuring adherence to specifications and quality standards.
  5. Regular Updates: Stay informed through the Buyer Dashboard, providing oversight and feedback as needed.

Comparison Chart

Feature/Option DIY ADU Build Owner-Manager Build Full-Service Build
Design Selection
Customization Tools
AI Co-Pilot Assistance
Product Clipper
Direct Contractor Interaction
Competitive Bidding
Construction Oversight Self-managed Owner-managed Contractor-managed
Ideal For Hands-on homeowners Homeowners seeking professional execution with personal oversight Homeowners preferring a turnkey solution