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Discover the Perfect ADU Model

Explore over 50 innovative models and limitless design options.
Identify the ideal ADU to fit your lot and unique needs.
Download our free Model Placer App to visualize it in your yard at full scale.

Customize Your ADU with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

Leverage our revolutionary AI-Powered Designer to instantly visualize and customize your ADU in real-time, tailored to your exact preferences.

Save thousands on design fees.
Achieve significant time and money savings.
Curate your ideal ADU design with precision.

Submit Your Design for Competitive Pricing and Expert Advice

Our advanced AI designer, combined with our Smart ADU Plans, empowers you to:

Choose from a range of build options, from full-service builds to DIY solutions.
Already have a builder? Access our plans and Ohana design technology to complement their work.
Explore diverse construction strategies.
Receive fast, expert answers to all your ADU questions.
Evaluate multiple plan options for the best fit.

Visualize, Adjust, and Perfect Your ADU Design Before Construction Begins

Our advanced AI-generated designs are seamlessly transferred into the real-time 3D configurator, allowing for precise review and adjustments. This ensures every detail is perfected before moving forward with construction, saving time and costs while boosting confidence in your build.

Why this matters:

Reduced Change Orders: Finalize designs before construction, minimizing costly change orders.
Improved Accuracy: Utilize precise 3D models to ensure accurate execution of design plans.
Streamlined Workflow: Simplify the design review process, reducing time spent on revisions.
Cost Efficiency: Prevent errors and rework, leading to more efficient use of resources and budget control.
Better Communication: Facilitate clearer communication between clients, designers, and construction teams.

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