Discover the Future of Quick Construction: Light Gauge Steel Framing for Accessory Dwelling Units

Welcome to the innovative world of quick construction with light gauge steel framing - a game-changer for building accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with efficiency, offering an unparalleled solution for homeowners and developers.

Why Light Gauge Steel?:


Partial Pre-Assembly for Speed
• Quick Installation: The framing components are partially assembled before reaching your site. This means faster installation, turning weeks of work into just a few days.
Reduced Labor Costs: With a significant portion of the work done off-site, the need for skilled labor on-site is minimized, cutting down labor costs.


Precision-Cut for Perfection
• High Accuracy:
Our light gauge steel frames are precision-cut to exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit. This eliminates on-site adjustments and reduces construction time significantly.
• Quality Control:
With factory-level precision, the quality of each steel piece is consistently high, ensuring a structurally sound and reliable ADU.


Durability and Sustainability
Light gauge steel is resistant to many common issues like rot, pests, and fire, ensuring a longer lifespan for your ADU.
•Lower Maintenance Costs: The durability of steel reduces the need for frequent repairs and maintenance, saving money over the life of the ADU
•Energy Efficiency: The precision of steel framing allows for better insulation and airtightness, leading to lower energy bills.