Craft Your Vision with Precision - Introducing the Future of Design with AI and 3D Configurator

Unleash Your Creativity with AI-Enhanced 3D Visualization
Embark on an exciting journey where innovative AI meets intuitive 3D configuration. Our platform offers a unique blend of generative AI design tools and a sophisticated 3D configurator, making it simpler than ever to bring your architectural visions to life. Follow these simple steps to start creating with unparalleled precision and creativity
How to use video

How to Use the Generative AI Design Tool with the 3D Configurator:


Log Into the 3D Configurator of the model of your choice
Navigate seamlessly within a dynamic and responsive 3D model configurator interface tailored for your design needs.


Activate the Generative AI Design Tool
Click on the 'Design Inspiration' arrow on the left-hand side of your screen. This will activate our cutting-edge Generative AI design tool, setting the stage for your creative exploration.


Input Your Design Preferences
Quickly and easily select the room that you are designing along with your desired style type (such modern, minimalist, farmhouse, contemporary)  


Explore AI-Generated Designs
Witness the AI magic as it generates multiple design concepts based on your input. Browse through these suggestions, each reflecting a unique interpretation of your initial ideas, enriched with AI’s expansive design intelligence.


Customize in the 3D Configurator
Select a design concept that resonates with your vision. Use our 3D configurator to further refine and customize the design. Experiment with layouts, materials, and finishes in real-time, enjoying a seamless and immersive design process.