Augmented Realty

(AR) offers significant benefits in the planning and building

The integration of Augmented Reality (AR) into the process of selecting and visualizing ADU models is a game-changer. The ADU Model Placer, powered by AR technology and accessible directly via a website, offers a seamless and interactive experience for homeowners and contractors alike.
How to Use Video

Real-Time Interaction and Visualization: Once an ADU model is selected, users can virtually place it onto their property using the AR tool. The model is superimposed onto the live camera feed of the user’s surroundings, providing a real-time and realistic visualization. Users can move around, change the orientation, and adjust the placement of the ADU model, interacting with the virtual structure as if it were actually present.

How to Use:

Accurate Spatial Awareness: The AR Model Placer provides users with a clear understanding of how the ADU will fit into their existing space, taking into account the property’s dimensions, layout, and landscape. This spatial awareness is crucial for making informed decisions and ensuring that the chosen ADU model is the right fit for the available space.

Enhanced Decision-Making: By visualizing the ADU in its intended setting, users can make more informed decisions regarding model selection, placement, and orientation. This interactive and immersive experience reduces uncertainty and increases confidence in the decision-making process.

Increased Customer Engagement and Satisfaction:
Offering an innovative and interactive tool like the AR Model Placer enhances the user experience, increasing engagement and satisfaction. Users appreciate the ability to actively participate in the planning process, and the tangible visualization provided by AR technology leads to higher levels of satisfaction with the final decision.



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